Tuesday, 23 April 2013

An Iron Fist in a Velvet Glove

Posted by Avril Rhodes

Many is the time in Fuse-land when we think and dream of little else but Fuse branded goods. I know what you’re thinking of, the inevitable parade of pens, pencils, post-it notes, folders, mouse-mats, highlighter pens and so on. I also know that you’ve got a stash of these at home when you’ve filled those plastic bags at conferences, and that sometimes you’ll look wistfully at a pen as you think, “What is that logo?” “What does that stand for?” perhaps ten years after the critical event. There are masses of these things in the Rhodes household – and most of the pens don’t work all that well!

Fuse-land has had its thinking cap on though with an eye to more imaginative branded items and yes, we’ve come up with the ultimate Fuse branded item. Superlative claims just don’t do it justice…..it….

  • Can be used uniquely to celebrate, and indeed, publicise “Fuse at Five” 
  • Is a fashion item of note 
  • Will keep you warm in the coldest of winters (and recent summers) 
  • Makes a useful gift for your gran 
  • Is cheap to produce…mmm… sorry I mean economic 
  • Will coordinate with any wardrobe 
  • Fits in with the latest trend for “yarn bombing” – this is really current 
  • Will appeal to all those crafty academics out there 
  • Might be the beginning of a new career if the research grants just dry up 
  • And will be the envy of all the other UKCRC Centres 
And what is this unique item? It is the Fuse gloves – each digit crafted in a Fuse colour following the order of the Fuse swirl – from the outside to the centre and from the centre to the outside; for reasons of egalitarianism. Dead easy for all you knitting folk – just get a standard glove pattern, a selection of wools, and away you go! And much cheaper than buying the Fuse Communications Officer a black sports car with a fuse logo on the driver’s door. Perish the thought!

Fuse gloves - designed, knitted & modelled by Avril, photo by Mark
So, of course this begs a question – what else could we make, and quickly? The Fuse scarf – a bit dull but could be done. The Fuse beanie hat – possibly only to be seen on a mountain top, which might defeat the object of spreading the word, but you have to admit, tempting to work the motif in the round. The Fuse tea cosy – maybe? Egg cosies for all the family? A laptop woolly cover or carrying case? A mobile phone sock?      

Having made Fuse proto-gloves, I now need further inspiration – what’s next? As I know the Fuse gloves will be such an attractive fashion item, I’m prepared, selflessly, to offer them as a prize to anyone who can come up with the best suggestion for an “alternative” branded good! I look forward to receiving your suggestions…now where are my needles?

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