Thursday, 31 July 2014


Is it holidays yet? Oh thank goodness.

The blog has spent the last few weeks hanging on to every scrap of work-related motivation it can find for dear life. It seems like everyone apart from the blog is on holiday. Facebook is full of holiday snaps. Twitter is packed with advice from Public Health England on how to cope with hot weather. But the blog has been diligently heading into work every day, ploughing through the to-do list, keeping the in-box under control.

But now it's holiday time!

The blog has a couple of friends who've rented a flat near Chamonix for the summer and the blog's off to join them for a month of rock, glaciers, ropes, crampons, snow in summer, and painstaking deciphering of French weather forecasts.

See you in September.

Photo by Matthieu Lienart

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