Thursday, 27 November 2014

52 weeks in public health research, part 47

Posted by Bronia Arnott, Dominika Kwasnicka, and Lynne Forrest

From Bronia Arnott: The only way (is Essex)? Recently I was in Essex and the queue of traffic with all of the “slow” warnings on the road resonated with me as I had just had a systematic review of interventions to reduce car use and increase more active and sustainable modes of travel accepted for publication.

From Dominika Kwasnicka: National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) strongly recommends that adults engage in any suitable form of physical activity. So you just need to pick and choose the one that’s best for you. Here is an adult version of a bouncy castle at a great event co-organised by one of Fuse's practice and policy partners Scott Lloyd. It’s always good to try new things. And if a bouncy castle isn’t your thing, how about some ice skating this winter?

From Lynne Forrest: A number of Fuse representatives, including myself, Shelina Visram and David Hunter, were among the 1500 delegates who attended the European Public Health (EUPHA) conference on Health Inequalities in Glasgow. This is my poster on a systematic review and meta-analysis that found no evidence of socioeconomic inequalities in stage at diagnosis for lung cancer.

From Bronia Arnott: An early morning trip to Newcastle Central Station which has recently been refurbished and is now looking much better. They even have some bike racks in decent places rather than stuck out of the way at the wrong end of the station. Coincidently, I was off to talk to people about active travel!

A reminder from the Fuse blog group:

Each Thursday of 2014 we’ll try and post around four pictures on the Fuse blog that capture our weeks in public health research, from the awe-inspiring to the everyday and mundane. Given that more of the latter than the former exists in most of our lives, we foresee problems compiling 208 images worth posting on our own. So this is going to have to be a group project. Send an image (or images) with a sentence or two describing what aspect of your week in public health research they sum up and we’ll post them as soon as we can. You don’t have to send four together – we can mix and match images from different people in the same week.

Normal rules apply: images you made yourself are best; if you use someone else’s image please check you’re allowed to first; if anyone’s identifiable in an image, make sure they’re happy for it to be posted; nothing rude; nothing that breaks research confidentiality etc.

Email your posts to or contact any member of the Fuse blog group.

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