Thursday, 30 July 2015

Virtually on holiday

Posted by Emma Dorée, Communications Assistant, Fuse and Teesside University

The out-of-office replies are clogging the inbox and the rain is pouring… it must be that wonderful time of the year again – holiday time!

The blog has been working extremely hard this year, making sure that everyone is kept up to date with all the latest research activity taking place in and outside of Fuse. It has sat and listened to everyone
else’s holiday stories and seen everyone’s holiday snaps whilst beavering away, keeping all the virtual plates spinning.

But the time has now come for the Fuse blog to sit back and relax and enjoy a few weeks off.

After enjoying an active holiday in France last year, the blog has this year decided to go to Marbella to relax and be pampered so that it can get rid of all of its stresses. Following a strict plan of exercise and healthy food it will be showing off its beach bod while enjoying a month of sun (factor 30 at all times), sea and spas where its biggest decision will be deciding which of the cocktails (non- alcoholic of course) to try from the menu next. Plans such as jet skiing and testing out the Marbella nightlife (dancing is physical activity after all) are all on the agenda but of course we’re sure it will make time for a little culture and sightseeing too.

Hopefully it won’t get frustrated by the high fat and high sugar treats on offer at the airport or in the supermarkets and start posting pictures, but you never know!

So see you in September everyone! Happy holidays!

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