Thursday, 26 June 2014

52 weeks in public health research, part 25

Posted by Becki Langford, Micky Wilmott and Jean Adams

From Becki Langford and Micky Wilmott: There's been a lot of debate recently in the news about the potential benefits and harms e-cigarettes. While they may be able to help people give up smoking, do they renormalise smoking? Here are two photos we snapped in Cardiff and Derbyshire of shops marketing e-cigarettes

From Jean Adams: I went on a little jaunt to Manchester a few weeks ago for a meeting of the Executive Committee of the UK Society of Behavioural Medicine (I'm secretary). A series of unfortunate events meant I missed my train and so spent longer than anticipated standing on the platform hoping the next train might somehow be early. In case you've ever wondered, this is the New Castle in Newcastle. The trains go 'round it, not through it - although through would be pretty cool.

From Jean Adams: Newcastle-Manchester, via York for coffee and toilet stop. This is the window on the ceiling of the Ladies at York station. It's a photo of the stunning York Minister. But why in a window frame, on the ceiling?

From Jean Adams: and this is the reason I was late for my train in the first place. No, not taking this picture (took it on the way home). The bike racks at Newcastle Station have been moved a few times over the last few years. Their final resting place seems to be here - right at the furthest reaches of one of the non-east coast mainline platforms, miles from anywhere. Every single time I have to traipse down there I want to scream at someone about how important bikes are and how we need to make them welcome, not hide them in the furthest corner we can find. Obviously I know this is where the bike racks are and how long it takes to get to and from them. I just have a mental block on taking this into account in my journey planning

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