Thursday, 2 October 2014

52 weeks in public health research, part 39

Posted by Amelia Lake, Mark Welford and Jean Adams

From Amelia Lake: At the Fuse members' meeting new Director Ashley Adamson thanks Martin White for his leadership of the Centre and wishes him well in his new role with the Centre for Diet and Activity Research (CEDAR) and the MRC Epidemiology Unit at the University of Cambridge.

From Mark Welford: Avril Rhodes reveals the mysteries of being a Knowledge Exchange Broker during her table session at the Public Health Intelligence Northern England (PHINE) network meeting. If you think your event could benefit from a Fuse presence please email or

From Amelia Lake: Managing the family actually eating against a busy work schedule means late night cooking! Sweet potato & coconut curry! Looking forward to it already!

From Jean Adams: Research suggests that calorie labelling works to decrease intake in some people, some of the time. When I found out how many calories were in coffee shop cakes, I was slightly horrified and stopped buying them. It's also been suggested that forcing food companies to come clean on food content may encourage reformulation. So I was interested to see these 'petite' treats at Birmingham New Street, with a slightly more appropriate number of calories for a snack. Would love to know effect of these on choice and consumption.

A reminder from the Fuse blog group:

Each Thursday of 2014 we’ll try and post around four pictures on the Fuse blog that capture our weeks in public health research, from the awe-inspiring to the everyday and mundane. Given that more of the latter than the former exists in most of our lives, we foresee problems compiling 208 images worth posting on our own. So this is going to have to be a group project. Send an image (or images) with a sentence or two describing what aspect of your week in public health research they sum up and we’ll post them as soon as we can. You don’t have to send four together – we can mix and match images from different people in the same week.

Normal rules apply: images you made yourself are best; if you use someone else’s image please check you’re allowed to first; if anyone’s identifiable in an image, make sure they’re happy for it to be posted; nothing rude; nothing that breaks research confidentiality etc.

Email your posts to or contact any member of the Fuse blog group.

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