Thursday, 13 March 2014

52 weeks of public health research, part 10

Posted by Bronia Arnott and Jean Adams

From Bronia Arnott: In a meeting with a policy-practice partner and I was given this funky glass which tells you about alcohol guidelines and also provides unit measures for different drinks. I was only drinking water out of it though!

From Jean Adams: when we moved into our purpose-built new offices a few years ago they were, understandably, a little stark and bare. This year a whole series of plants have mysteriously appeared in public parts of the building. They are very welcome new occupants.

From Jean Adams: the small cafe in our building sells a good range of food. But it makes me a bit sad that the cheapest hot option is a bowl of chips.

From Jean Adams: I tend to work on trains when I travel for work purposes. I feel a bit guilty if I don't and it's good, uninterrupted time for getting reading and thinking done. But at 8.45pm on a Friday evening it's okay to knit and read, isn't it?


Just to remind you:

Each Thursday of 2014 we’ll try and post around four pictures on the Fuse blog that capture our weeks in public health research, from the awe-inspiring to the everyday and mundane. Given that more of the latter than the former exists in my life, I foresee problems compiling 208 images worth posting on my own. So this is going to have to be a group project. Send me an image (or images) with a sentence or two describing what aspect of your week in public health research they sum up and I’ll post them as soon as I can. You don’t have to send four together – we can mix and match images from different people in the same week.

Normal rules apply: images you made yourself are best; if you use someone else’s image please check you’re allowed to first; if anyone’s identifiable in an image, make sure they’re happy for it to be posted; nothing rude; nothing that breaks research confidentiality etc.

Also, this doesn’t mean we wont also be posting words. You word-based posts are, as always, much appreciated.

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